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The Rants of a Pocket size metal head

19 June
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1984, a clockwork orange, absu, agalloch, alestorm, alice in wonderland, amon amarth, anata, and catch 22., animal farm, anything shakespeare, atlas shrugged, bathory, behemoth, belphegor, blind guardian, books by h.p.lovecraft, brave new world, candlemass, catcher in the rye, cathedral of vampires, cather in the rye, celtic frost, dante's inferno, darkestrah, death, decapitated, define normal, demons & wizards, discworld, divine comedy, don quixote, einherjer, eluveitie, elvenking, emperor, empire, ensiferum, equus, exodus, falkenbach, fight club, finntroll, fjoergyn, forefather, fouccault's pendulium, goatwhore, gorgoroth, great gatsby, hammerfall, harry potter, heidevolk, hellhammer, iced earth, immolation, immortal, in cold blood, incarnations of immortality, insomnium, interview with the vampire, iron maiden, isis, judas priest, kalmah, kamikaze girls, kampfar, kataklysm, killing yourself to live, king diamond, korpiklaani, kreator, lord of the rings, lullaby, manowar, marduk, martyr, mayhem, megadeth, meshuggah, metsatoll, middlesex, moonsorrow, moonspell, morbid angel, naglfar, native sun, nine stories, nocturnal rights, norther, portnoy's complaint, primordial, red badge of courage, rhapsody of fire, rivendell, sabbat, samhain, shattered mirror, skyclad, slayer, sodom, sonata arctica, stormwarrior, suidakra, summoning, sunglasses after dark, the abhorsen trilogy, the breadgivers, the chronicles of narnia, the his dark materials, the joy luck club, to kill a mockingbird, troll gnet el, turisas, týr, ulysses, utopia, vader, vampire chronicles, venom, vintersorg, virgin steel, windir, wintersun, wyrd, xasthur, xiv dark centuries, you don't know me